• Tips for newbies #1: Are your prints curling off the print bed?

  • Please post your 3D printing issues here and tips here
Please post your 3D printing issues here and tips here
 #81  by Maledrakh
 Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:10 pm
Are your prints not sticking properly to the print bed and curling slightly or a lot?

Even if you use a glue stick or have blue taped the print bed?

It might be a draft causing the printed plastic to cool prematurely, which seems to make it contract slightly causing the curl.
Try covering the printer with a cardboard box or similar to eliminate or reduce the draft. Leave a little air around the printer inside the box so it does not get too hot and overheats or even catches fire. I would not use a blanket for this, the printer does run at 220 degrees...

The box it came in worked wonders for me, this eliminated the problem altogether for me.

I encourage others to drop any useful tips for newbies in this thread.
 #82  by krouton3
 Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:38 am
also offsetting your z axis to where the first layer will be smeared will help give it better adhesion

i tend to have this problem on long parts where thewidth isnt really long enough for a particular side but with glue stick, hair spray, offset z axis to smear first layer, and brims i hardly have an issue

other tips...

  1. make sure to season your print head

    the way to do this is to get a little bit for cooking oil on the end of your filament preheat your nozzle and run it through i would do this a couple times. when you remove the filament after this you should be able to clearly see the little steps/ groves on the tip of the filament... if you can see that then your print head has been seasoned and you shouldnt really have to worry about clogging but if you want to take an extra step you can dmpen a paper towel and wipe the filimant with the oil (try not to make it too much for your actual printing filament could cause the prints to become messed up) this is more to just wipe off any dust that may have accumalated on your filaments
  2. print off spare parts

    depending on the machine you are using it is possible to print off spare parts just a quick search in thingiverse for your machine should supply you with some spare parts you can use... sometimes the spare parts actually hold up better then the factory parts if you print them right

    mine for example i have printed off y axis belt tensioners as mine had broken on my machine before luckily i was able to make a temp patch via soldering justlong enough to print a new one now i have a few spares incase it happends again.
  3. print upgrades for your machine

    again like the spare parts doing a quick search in thingiverse can provide you with upgrades for your printer

    mine for example i have printed platformlifters to give my printer better airfow to its chipboard to keep it cooler and i have printed off spool holders that i can mount to the top of my printer so its easier to pull the filament